Hello! I’m Madison, a lifestyle blogger from Florida! I am working towards a degree in Business Marketing. My goal is to show others the truth about how easy (and beneficial) veganism truly is. I am also doing my best to spread animal awareness by sharing how I live in promoting cruelty-free, healthy, loving, and a kind heart-kinda-lifestyle! Including what I put in my body, what I wear on my body, and what I use on my body all on a budget! Ever said or heard “I can’t be vegan, because it is too expensive!”? Well, I am a college student barely making ends meet! If I can do it, so can you! I made T&W for plant based lovers alike to explore recipes, cruelty-free product reviews, and overall earth-appreciating things. I love taking photos, animals, filiming, but more importantly I love working hard to potentially live a successful life. I truly believe we should leave nothing but foot prints on this earth, so follow me around as I do so! Join me on my journey towards success, health, and happiness! Be sure to join our newsletter so you won’t miss a single post.



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