3 years ago, I started waking up at 7:00 am 5 days a week. Soon after those 5 days become 7 days. Now, 7:00 am may not seem early to you. But this is coming from a girl who would literally sleep into the next day if she could. I love to sleep. The reason I started waking up earlier to begin with was because I got a job. I had such a set schedule that my brain eventually became wired to ALWAYS wake up at 7:00 am. That 7:00 am eventually became earlier and earlier. Even if I have a day off I wake up at the same time. Whether it be an hour earlier than you wake up now or 2 hours earlier. Just wake up earlier than you do! And here’s why…

  • Sunrise

Even though you may think you don’t need to see the sunrise. You do. It changes your attitude towards the day. You feel so thankful for a day that hasn’t even started yet.

  • It makes you happier 

I am not sure why, but something I have personally found is just that I am happier! I think it must do with feeling more productive. Have you ever had those days where you slept in, never got ready, and just felt like crap all day? It’s kind of like that, but instead you just feel happier.

  • Better grades

A couple of Texas University students conducted research on this and found that students who were early risers had better overall grades! Waking up earlier promotes better focus & memory.

  • Better productivity

You are most likely to do more important tasks in the morning than at night. People often shut down and start to relax around 9:00 pm. By giving yourself extra hours during the morning rather than at night promotes extreme productivity. You feel more motivated, refreshed, and focused to get the things you need to get done.

  • Better sleep

While it may not give you more sleep if you are the type to stay up late and sleep in late, it will give you better sleep! Studies have found that people who go to bed earlier and wake up earlier sleep in a more peaceful state. You tend to wake up less throughout the night, roll around less, fall asleep quicker, and feel more refreshed when you wake up!

  • Success

The early bird gets the worm. You will never get anywhere in life laying in your bed for hours everyday. Wake up, slay the day, and then sleep. You need to be productive in order to be successful. The worlds most successful people wake up at crazy hours of the day. Follow in their foot steps.

There it is! A couple of reasons to start waking up earlier. If you have any questions/concerns just head over to our Contact Us page to leave a message. If you would like to receive emails every time we upload a new post or want to hear about upcoming events head over to our Mailing List page. Thanks for reading!


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