Is honey vegan?

is honey vegan?

Is honey vegan? This is actually one of the biggest vegan debates to this day! Personally, I did eat honey (not often- but I’d put it it my coffee as a sugar alternative on occasion) The reason I thought honey was okay to eat was because if we were to not eat ANYTHING that was produced by animal and/or animal labor, you would technically have to cut out almost every vegetable and fruit because they are all produced by bee pollination. However, after doing hours and hours of research on this topic, I have come to the conclusion that it is not okay, and here’s why:

Why honey is NOT vegan

  • Bees are animals.
  • Bees are often harmed and killed in bee colonies.
  • Bee “colonies” is just another word for factory farming for bees.
  • There are so many great alternatives that taste almost the exact same + are cheaper! It is way too easy to avoid honey.
  • Honey producers clip the queen bee’s wings. Which is CRUEL.
  • But most of all, this is what I did not know, and this why I am going to stop consuming honey… Honey is tested on animals. Yes, tested on animals. Honey is used inside of medicine in other countries, and often first tested on open animal burn wounds. and 90% of animals actually die from this.
  • Taking something’s (yes. even insects!) free will is wrong. Everyone and everything should have opportunity to go about their lives and decide their own purpose.
  • Bees contribute a lot to our world and trapping them somewhere, forcing them to mate, being rough/abusive, and stealing their life’s work to sweeten our tea is messed up.
  • One last thing. A very important conversation between a human and bee went like this..

Bee:  You don’t have enough food of your own? how do you even get it?

Human: well, bee’s make it.

Bee: I know who makes it! and its hard to make. There’s heating and cooling and stirring. You need a whole Krelman thing!

Human: Its organic!

Bee: Its OUR-ganic!

Human: Barry, its just honey!

Bee: JUST WHAT? Bees don’t know about this? This is stealing. A lot of stealing. You’ve taken our homes, our schools, our hospitals! This is all we have!

is honey vegan?

I hope this answered your question on “Is honey vegan?” Veganism is a justice movement to free animals from human domination, and that includes all animals. We are here to speak for the little guys (even the really little guys).  If you have any questions/concerns just head over to our Contact Us page to leave a message. If you would like to receive emails every time we upload a new post or want to hear about upcoming events head over to our Mailing List page. Thanks for reading!

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